They feel part of the project we have and that is very important

They feel part of the project we have and that is very important

Benfica and Porto reach the final sprinf of the Portuguese League with a minimum point of advantage for the ‘eagles’, who saw how Iker Casillas signed a masterful performance avoiding the defeat of the ‘dragons’.


On at 23:49 CEST


Primeira League





Ederson, Nelsinho, Luisao, Lindelof, Eliseu, Salvio (Cervi, minute 68), Pizzi, Samaris, Rafa Silva (Carrillo, minute 87), Jonas and Mitroglou.


Casillas, Maxi Pereira, Marcano, Felipe, Telles, Danilo Pereira, Andre Andre, Óliver Torres, Brahimi (Otavio, minute 87), Soares (André Silva, minute 72) and Corona (Jota, minute 67).


1-0, minute 6. Jonas from penalty. 1-1, minute 50. Maxi Pereira.


Carlos Xistra. Yellow card to Marcano, Felipe, Telles, Maxi Pereira and Andre Andre, from Porto.


Luz Stadium. 58,000 viewers.

The Portuguese classic responded to expectations, that is, more emotion than good game, alternatives on the scoreboard and a lot of tension.

Rui Vitoria’s team soon opened the scoring by converting Jonas a penalty committed by Felipe on Jonas himself. Shortly after, Jonas faced Porto coach Nuno Espírito Santo, proof that the classic was starting to heat up.

A deflected shot from Óliver Torres in the 20th minute was the only appearance of the Blue and White team in the first half, in which Benfica did not mind giving up the initiative to surprise the counter.

With the 1-0 break was reached and five minutes after the restart, Maxi Pereira took advantage of a bad clearance by Lindelof to tie. From there, Porto grew and Soares had a good chance to score in which he didn’t hit the mark.

Overcome the pájara, Benfica assumed the weight of the game and squeezed everything they could. Porto had to retreat and, above all, resort to the category of Iker Casillas, who took out two prodigious hands to shots from Jonas and Mitroglou.

Antonio Conte, Chelsea coach, showed himself this Saturday "proud" of his players after defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup semifinals (4-2) and assured that it is "an immense achievement to reach the final" in his first season in England.

Apr 22, 2017 at 22:26 CEST


The transalpine coach, who arrived at Stamford Bridge last summer from the Italian national team bench, could guide the south-west London team to the domestic double, as he is already expecting a rival in the Cup final (the second semi-final, between Arsenal and Manchester City, is played this Sunday) and has a four-point advantage at the top of the Premier League over Tottenham.

"This is a very important victory, as we have imposed ourselves on a team that is fighting with us for the league title. We must take advantage of our good moment, but we know that on Tuesday we have a very difficult game against Southampton"Conte pointed out.

"Reaching the final in my first season is an immense achievement and I am very proud. English football should feel honored by the good game that these two teams played today"he added.

Asked about the controversial substitutions of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, who entered the pitch midway through the second half, the Italian coach said he had to take "some important decisions", since in four days they had "another momentous match".

Chelsea undo Tottenham’s dream

Guardiola, for his first final with Manchester City

"We have been working together as a group throughout the season, which means that all the footballers were ready for today’s game. They feel part of the project we have and that is very important. I have confidence in all footballers"Conte reiterated.

Manchester United came out with the three points in their visit to Burnley (0-2), added their third consecutive victory in the Premier to be one step away from fourth place, held by Manchester City, the last that gives access to the next Champions League edition.

Apr 23, 2017 at 17:33 CEST


Plagued by casualties, the last of which were the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Argentine Marcos Rojo, who recently joined the Spanish Juan Mata, Phil Jones or Chris Smalling, José Mourinho’s team took a step forward in their aspirations.

Installed in the semifinals of the Europa League, where Celta awaits him, Manchester United, who jumped onto the pitch with shirts supporting Ibrahimovic and Rojo, seriously injured, changed the chip with success and left the Turf Moor stadium with flying colors, in the thirty-fourth day of England.

United left their homework done in the first half. In the twentieth minute, Frenchman Anthony Martial finished off a counterattack with a final pass from Ander Herrera. Six minutes before the break, Wayne Rooney, who is back on the limelight in the ‘Red Devils’, took advantage of a rebound in the local area to bring the ball into the net. The captain accumulates 251 goals in 552 official matches.

Mourinho’s team set the pace for the match in the second half despite attempts to react by Burnley, who conceded his second loss in a row, accumulated three games without a win and still have not resolved the permanence.

United confirm Ibrahimovic has torn his ligament

Ibrahimovic’s drama: they speculate with his retirement

Manchester United, for its part, is consolidated in fifth place and is one point behind Manchester City, fourth. 

When the departure of Pepe Lima from Real Madrid seemed made in the direction of the billionaire Chinese football, it seems that the Portuguese international has rethought his situation due to the interest of two ‘greats’ of European football, PSG and Manchester City.


On at 10:23 CEST

City and PSG continue to seek the leap in competitiveness necessary to enter the decisive phases of the Champions League, the competition that the rich owners of both clubs long for. Pep Guardiola and Unai Emery are at the forefront of two projects that have been halted in the round of 16 of this competition by Monaco and Barça, respectively, and they are already thinking about how to give their respective teams the defensive strength and character necessary to unbalance the balance in those decisive phases.

It is in this sense that the possible signing of Pepe makes perfect sense. The Portuguese international veteran (34 years old) has credited a long career in the elite both at Real Madrid and with Portugal, being a fundamental piece in their successes.

His combination of quality, experience, physical power and character, which in other times was sometimes excessive aggressiveness, can provide the balance point that Manchester City or PSG may need in their respective defense.

Pepe has spent months considering the multimillion-dollar offers that come to him from Chinese football since his contract ends on June 30 and he already knows that Real Madrid will not have him for the 2017/18 campaign. For example, Guangzhou Evergrande’s or Manuel Pellegrini’s team, Hebei Fortune, which offers him a net 15 million euros per season.

However, on Pepe’s soccer horizon are the next Confederations Cup 2017 and the MUndial Rudia 2018, objectives for which he needs to stay at the highest level to enter the chosen list.

That is why he is evaluating the interest of PSG and Manchester City, who have contacted his manager Jorge Mendes before making a decision that, in reality, may be more advantageous for him since he will also get a good contract.

Sheng Qin has received harsh punishment from the CFA for his attack on Witsel on March 13. The Chinese federation has been unappealable and has sanctioned the Chinese player with 22 games so he will not be able to play until September.

Mar 24, 2017 at 1:38 pm CET

The events occurred during the derby between Shanghai Shenhua and Tiajin Quanjian. In a corner, during the typical struggles to win position, Quin and Witsel stumbled and pushed each other. This touch did not seem to like the Chinese player too much, who gave the Brazilian a tremendous stomp.

The aggression was so excessive that it did not go unnoticed by absolutely no one, quickly causing the referee to send him off. If it was already speculated that the sanction could be very harsh, that the images have gone viral has made the punishment harsher, since the Chinese federation considers that this action damages the image of the league.

This corrective is in addition to the one previously imposed by Shanghai Shenhua. A fine of 40,000 euros and being relegated to the reserve team were the first measures that were applied to Sheng Qin.

The tragedy hits Argentine soccer again. Emanuel Balbo, a 22-year-old young man, has died after being thrown down the grandstand during the course of the Córdoba derby between Belgrano and Talleres.


On at 23:58 CEST

It so happens that one of the attackers, a certain Óscar Gómez, had killed the brother of the attacked four years earlier, as Raúl Balbo, father of the young man who is hospitalized with a serious head trauma, explained to ‘La Voz del Interior’.

"The problem arises because, four years ago, a son was killed and Emanuel goes to the field and meets one of those who killed him", said the father of the victim.

When he was recognized, Óscar Gómez began to loudly accuse Emanuel Balbo of being a fan of Talleres, which caused several Belgrano fans to get together to attack him and finally throw him down the steps.

Emanuel Balbo died after several hours admitted in a very critical condition to the Emergency Hospital.

Bastia ultras tried to attack Olympique de Lyon footballers

Pitched battle between radicals from Lyon and Besiktas

The case has come to the hands of the Prosecutor Liliana Sánchez, who is studying opening proceedings to present herself as an accusation once the facts have been clarified.

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