The initial tingling quickly turns into monotonous boredom.

The initial tingling quickly turns into monotonous boredom.

But only about 20,000 of them are men. Still, the business of love is good business. The industry generates an average of around 15 billion euros per year.

Even on vacation, women pay for eroticism. Popular destinations for sex tourists are Africa and Southeast Asia.

40 percent of around 6300 single men have already fallen in love with a woman who was taken. With just as many, friendship has suddenly turned into love. There is also a lot of radio transmission at work: more than one in three has fallen in love with a colleague at some point. Sometimes you only fall in love at second glance because you didn’t find someone attractive when you first met. Every fourth man has had this experience. Even after the separation, there can be a second chance: every fifth person has fallen in love with the ex-partner a second time.


"Dear ElitePartner Team, now we’re sitting here together, Lena and I, thinking about where to start. One thing is already clear: none of us thought that we would find our dream partner here, and none of us even remotely thought that it would be that quick.

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She was his first date

We are both quite tense due to our jobs and have little opportunity in everyday life to get to know a potential partner. So it was obvious to try out a dating agency on the Internet. Riddled with many prejudices, we then set out to answer all the questions and to complete our profiles. Then nothing happened for a long time – at least for me. It was probably different with Lena, but she’s a woman too. At some point I came up with the idea that "man" Not only should wait for letters, but also write yourself. Said and done. After the first answers, the first date was planned. Since Lena and I had a high number of matching points and her profile also showed that we are similar in many ways, she was right at the top of mine "Priority Dating List". She was my first date.

It sparked at the first meeting

Man, we were excited! It was our first blind date. We had already emailed and phoned in advance, but you never know whether the image you know has aroused expectations that are not too high. After getting to know each other for the first time, we went out to eat. In the course of the evening, the initial excitement eased and we realized that we are really incredibly similar. The evening became more romantic and at some point, after a little hesitation, the first kiss followed. From then on the magic was unleashed. Cupid must have shot an arrow in our hearts at this point in the story, because we have been one heart and one soul ever since. We met on Friday and then spent the weekend together. We’ve been together every weekend since then. Every separation during the week is torture and that’s why we are now planning to move in together. Every day we still wonder how well we fit together and find that some kind of magic enables us to read each other’s minds. We turkish mail orderbrides wish that this condition will last forever and that we will grow old together."

Tip from Jonas and Lena "Also actively search for a partner and put down possible prejudices against partner search on the Internet. The love of your life is within your grasp and everyone can find it!"

Jonas and Lena


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You have prepared yourself perfectly: a nice hairstyle, subtle make-up, memorized the current Bundesliga soccer results and bravely had the latest fluctuations on the stock market explained to you. Didn’t all help? The online dating agency gives five reasons why he is not interested.

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Turn-off 1: Complete self-abandonment

Men feel flattered when they are looked after by a woman. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should completely orient your life around his habits and preferences. The initial tingling quickly turns into monotonous boredom. Does not have to be. So: continue to cultivate your hobbies, your circle of friends. The time you spend apart will keep reminding him of how happy you make him and that he can’t wait to see you again.

Turn off 2: Bad Habits

Are you nervous and looked too deep into your red wine glass during the excitement of the first date or smoked a chain? Don’t let this become a habit. Bad habits, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, put many men on the run. Keep in mind: would you want to meet someone who smells like an ashtray out of their mouth or who has forgotten the beginning at the end of the evening?

Turn off 3: cheating

It is not easy to stick to the truth, especially in the getting to know each other. After all, people don’t like to peddle facts about career, education or age. At least not if you think they don’t shed a very good light on you. But two or three clicks on the Internet and your little, not mean lie construct is in danger of collapsing. Do you imagine he finds out the truth? You want to save yourself this embarrassment.

Turn off 4: Lack of self-esteem

Do you feel too small, too fat, too little successful? Don’t get in your own way on a date; throw those negative thoughts overboard. Sure, we are not on the sunny side of life every day. But if you are consistently in a bad mood and bitter, you achieve exactly the opposite and the alleged weaknesses come into their own. Remember: only those who love themselves can approach others openly and positively. Men appreciate that and love confident women.

Turn-off 5: The worst case scenario: Cheating

Self-explanatory! Even if you do not consider yourself a couple yet, it is a total breach of trust if you continue to fish in other waters on the side. For men (but also for women) such behavior is absolute No go. Consequence: The relationship is over before it has even started. Do you feel wrongly condemned? But the idea is obvious: If you don’t take loyalty seriously at the beginning, you will also interpret it generously for yourself in the following period. 

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It’s not that easy to say. Overall, women who have developed a relationship with someone are very reluctant to say no. It can be different with strange men who are out to flirt. This may be due to the negative experiences she’s had. In this sense, it’s not about what a woman says, but how she says it and how she behaves.

Source: Nina Deißler: Klartext für Männer, 2010

He comes home and you smell strange perfume? She was allegedly in the gym and you smell her smoke like from a restaurant? Has he been to a customer appointment and comes home freshly showered? Where does that strange smell come from that you have never noticed before? A telltale smell can be a sign of cheating, because cheating makes you very close and easily takes on strange smells. The same applies to make-up on shirt collars and blush or lipstick on clothing.

Men only pay attention to their appearance in women, live for the job and are womanizers? No way: The online dating agency presents amazing facts about men. The results are based on representative single studies from 2008 to 2010 and reveal interesting facts about the representatives of the "strong sex" and their attitude towards love, loyalty and partner search.

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The dream woman Admittedly, these findings are not surprising: the dream woman is slim, blonde, between 160 and 170 centimeters tall and has blue eyes. In second place are brunette women with brown eyes. There is no clear trend in clothing style: for a quarter of the men surveyed, an individual style of clothing is important, followed by a sporty and fashionable style.

Character But the gentlemen do not only pay attention to the appearance. When it comes to the ideal qualities of the partner, the majority of men focus on inner values: for almost 90 percent, the ideal partner should be loyal. The woman should also be tender, funny, feminine and intelligent.

Love at first sight The gentlemen of creation are romantic: almost two thirds of men believe in love at first sight. And if it doesn’t work the first time: 60 percent also believe in love at second sight. And 25 percent have already fallen in love with a woman they did not find attractive at first.

Happiness And what does the stronger sex need to be happy? A relationship, say 85 percent of those surveyed. The partner is the number one lucky charm. Financial independence, everyday pleasures such as good food and good sex, time with friends and hobbies follow on the other places. For 45 percent, children are part of a full life.

Most men between the ages of 14 and 16 got their first kiss. 17 percent have waited longer for this.

Relationship experience More than half of the respondents only had between one and four relationships. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether these were particularly long or simply no longer occurred. In any case, having many relationships is not typical for the stronger sex: Those who have seven or more relationships are clearly in the minority at just under eight percent.

Unhappy love Where love falls … Almost 44 percent were already in love with someone who was already in a relationship. Almost as many men have lost their hearts to a friend. The 40 percent who have already fallen in love with a colleague show that love can also flourish in the workplace.

Loyalty in a relationship is an absolute must for men. More than 60 percent of men are convinced of this. However, if you don’t take it too seriously, you have few specific reasons for it: It just happened, say 46 percent of those surveyed who cheated on their ex-partner. Other reasons: lack of sex in the relationship and love for another person.

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