In 2015, 15 foster families from different regions of Russia reached the final

In 2015, 15 foster families from different regions of Russia reached the final

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In the first half of 2015 in the Moscow region there was an increase in the number of birth certificates compared to the same period in 2014, according to the Main Department of Civil Registry of the Moscow Region. 

“The number of birth registrations of twins has increased compared to the same period in 2014. If 534 twins were registered in six months of last year, then this year – 550, ”the message says. 

The birth of triplets is rare. During the first half of the year, nine were registered. 

The number of large families with three or more children is increasing. In the first six months of this year, 5213 parents registered the birth of their third child in the Moscow region. 

“The age of women in labor is also growing. If earlier the largest number of children was registered among mothers aged 20-25, now the most popular age for the birth of a baby among women is 26-30 years. Thus, in the first half of 2015, 16,527 women of this age were registered with children. This is 8.2% more than in the same period last year, ”the message says.

The Russian animated series “Masha and the Bear” was included in the rating of the authoritative American magazine “Animation Magazine”, according to the official website of the publication.Animation Magazine has compiled a rating of the 250 most promising animated films. The Russian animated series Masha and the Bear entered the list of 250 TV Shows Destined to Become Classics.

“Masha and the Bear” is the only Russian-made cartoon that appeared in this rating.Along with this animated film, the rating includes such films as “Angry Birds”, “Adventure Time”, “My Little Pony”, “Attack on Titan” “) other.The list of “250 TV Shows Destined to Become Classics” was compiled in honor of the anniversary, 250th issue of the magazine.

The Russian animated series Masha and the Bear has already gained popularity in the UK and Italy.

In Italy in the period 2014-2015. the animated series has become the most popular. On the local children’s TV channel, 800 thousand viewers simultaneously watch it, which is a record for children’s cartoons in Italy.

In the US, it starts in early August on Netflix.”Masha and the Bear” is the first Russian animated series that spoke the same language with children and adults all over the world, telling about the friendship of the little girl Masha and the former circus artist Bear. The relationship of the characters in the series reflects the relationship between a child who learns the world and an adult trying to help him in this difficult task. 

In Moscow, the winners of the All-Russian competition of artistic creativity “Assembly of substitute families” were awarded, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation reports.

In 2015, 15 foster families from different regions of Russia reached the final.

The winner of the competition was the Ushakovs family from the Lipetsk region, which has nine children. The second place was taken by the Lvov family from Chuvashia. The Orlov family from the Perm Territory took the third place.

The winners were determined based on the results of a number of competitive tasks: the creative competition “The Family is the Foundation of the Power”, the creative family workshop, the competition “Mom, Dad, I am a sports family”, the competition of artistic creativity.

“During the Assembly, we provide an opportunity for adoptive parents to communicate with each other, exchange views and experiences. This year, the Assembly is being held on the eve of the All-Russian Forum of Foster Families, which will be held in early November, so this is a great opportunity to communicate, talk, feel what moods and problems are in foster families from different regions of Russia, ”said the Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Protection of Rights children of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Evgeny Silyanov.

The All-Russian competition of artistic creativity “Assembly of Foster Families” is held annually. It is aimed at increasing the authority of the family in society, spreading the positive experience of family relations in families raising orphans and children left without parental care, strengthening the traditions of joint creativity of children and parents, spreading the experience of family education, organizing leisure time, improving relationships between adults and children. …

The charitable “Run of Good Deeds” raised 3 million rubles for the treatment of children with a complex genetic disease – epidermolysis bullosa, the press service of the Public Chamber reports. 

The race was organized by the B.E.L.A. butterfly children ”with the support of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. 

More than 1,500 runners from all over Moscow took part in the race, who could cover distances of 2 and 10 kilometers.

“We started the project 5 years ago, at the moment we have more than 300 families, whom we constantly help. This is not a one-time, but systemic help. We help children from all regions of Moscow and the CIS countries in a patronage format, because no one helps them there. In particular, assistance is provided to children who are refuseniks with this disease, ”said Alena Kuratova, a participant of the“ Perspective ”project, head of the foundation.

According to the secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Brechalov, thousands of people run every day for themselves and “that is why you can run for others too.”

“It’s not as easy for these children as for everyone else. I am sure that this charity run will not be the last, there will be many such events. Sport is napoleon a hero or tyrant essay should help, ”Brechalov stressed. 

Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare and currently incurable genetic disease in which the upper layer of the skin does not connect to the lower one, so that at the slightest touch, blisters, wounds appear, the skin peels off with flaps. In Russia, there are still no accurate statistics, but in the world one sick child is born per 100 thousand people.

Deputy Minister of the Construction Complex of the Moscow Region Larisa Dzichkovskaya said that 616 orphans will be provided with housing in 2016, the press service of the Moscow Regional Duma reports. 

These are all children who will come of age next year.

Dzichkovskaya clarified that the cost of this will amount to 1.6 billion rubles, mainly from the budget of the Moscow region.

The total amount of financing of the state program “Housing”, taking into account the funds of the federal budget, budgets of municipalities and extra-budgetary sources, will amount to 5.8 billion rubles, the deputy minister said.

In June, the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region reported that in 2015, 640 apartments are planned for orphans in the Moscow Region.

The regional budget in 2015 for these purposes provides for more than 1.6 billion rubles, of which 25.8 million rubles are subsidies from the federal budget.

Housing is provided under a contract for the lease of specialized living space for one person in the form of a separate apartment with a total area of ​​at least 27 square meters.

The report specified that annually from the budget of the Moscow region, the budgets of the municipalities of the Moscow region are allocated funds to provide housing for orphans. So, in 2014, municipalities received about 1.4 billion rubles, with these funds 531 apartments were purchased for the same number of orphans.

Moscow schoolchildren may be given stationery in exchange for waste paper, reports the Moscow City News Agency with reference to Zoya Zotova, chairman of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Environmental Policy. 

“I think we need to explore such possibilities. We will gather, we will invite organizations that are engaged in this (waste paper collection), and we will discuss this issue, so that it would be beneficial for those who collect it, they would have some interest, and that the guys would be interested, ”Zotova said.

She clarified that within the framework of the commission’s work, the possibility of organizing waste paper collection points in the city’s schools will be discussed in the near future. 

“We have created a commission under our commission. They are working on this issue. It is necessary to discuss where to install, so that it is collected, then it goes for processing. This chain is being worked out. We are working in this direction, ”added Zotova.

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